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Love Hamma

Love Hamma Curved - Aqua

Love Hamma Curved - Aqua

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Want to experience mind-blowing erotic thrills and pleasures with a new, fun, and exciting new TOOL?!

The fun, pleasurable Love Hamma brings excitement and erotic thrills to the bedroom. Sexual play will be enhanced and satisfied with the unique (though familiar) shape, pulsations and sensual vibrations, targeting the bodies pleasure zones, whether playing hard or soft. 

Be prepared to experience intense sensations with the Love Hamma, crafted and specially designed to truly sexually "nail down" those hard to achieve orgasms. 

"It's time to go to work" now has an an entirely different meaning!

Play with the vibrating head or the vibrating and thrusting handle, the Love Hamma has powerful fluttering ears with 7 vibrational speeds for intense clitoral thrills, 3 vibrating speeds and 10 powerful thrusting speeds in the handle shaft for the ultimate internal pleasure to provide both G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation. 

Material | Silicone

Battery Type | USB Rechargeable 

Modes | 7 Vibration Speeds for fluttering ears, 3 vibrating speeds & 10 thrusting speeds for shaft

Water Resistance | Waterproof

Insertable Length | 6.5 in

Item Diameter | 11 in

Item Height | 1.25 in

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